READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide


The Riverdale Press
December 2006

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide is the honored recipient of two awards this year.

MEI Publishing Inc., a Riverdale based company, has received two awards of excellence this year, for its publication READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide. One is a national award from the Mature Market Resource Center, and one, closer to home, is from the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce. The book was also featured on PBS’s program “Can You Afford to Retire?”

READY OR NOT is also a winner in the Annual National Mature Media Awards Program. The program, presented by the Mature Market Resource Center, a national clearinghouse for the senior market, recognizes the nations finest advertising, marketing and educational materials designed and produced for older adults.

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide has received this award for twelve consecutive years. This book, which is updated each year, would not be possible without the panel of experts that work to keep the book informative and timely.

“We were delighted to take part in the Mature Media Awards Program this year and were honored to be selected as a winner again. We are obviously doing something right, and we strive to continue serving both future and presently retired people with current, up-to-date information,” says Elizabeth McFadden, President of MEI Publishing Inc. “Whether you are 20 days or 20 years from retirement, it is essential that you prepare to retire to and not from something. Our goal is make retirement the most enjoyable and productive period of your life.”

Nearly 1,200 entries were judged by a distinguished panel of mature market experts from across the United States for overall excellence of design, content creativity and relevance to the senior market.

The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce and the members of the Yonkers business community bestowed the Best of Yonkers awards, and acknowledged that READY OR NOT is the Best Retirement Information available.

MEI Publishing Inc. was organized to develop educational and training programs in the interest of working Americans. READY OR NOT, an original development of MEI Publishing Inc., is designed to prepare all working men and women for the transition into retirement.

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide is a fantastic resource for helping to prepare for the psychological, social and financial adjustments of retirement. Its reader friendly format encourages one to follow important retirement issues with interest. The information about Social Security and Medicare is up-to-date and revised each year to reflect changes made by the federal government. READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide helps you prepare now for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. It offers the big picture of what to expect and how to manage your time, legal affairs, new career, or part-time employment after full, early, or partial retirement.

Yonkers Progress
March 2002

Yonkers Chamber of Commerce — Women of Excellence recognizes Elizabeth McFadden with the Business Professional of the Year award

Elizabeth McFadden gave up a successful career as a telecommunications specialist to help take care of her seriously ill mother and, at the same time, help manage MEI Publishing Inc.

As part of her new work, she assisted in publishing READY OR NOT, a retirement planning guide and the nation’s most popular publication on retirement. Now she is the editor of the book. Under Elizabeth’s direction, READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide rolls off the presses each January completely updated with information, ideas and suggestions on retirement issues of concern to everyone. Customers who have subscribed repeatedly over many years are some of America’s leading educational institutions, hospitals and pension funds.

Several years ago, with the sponsorship of Verizon and WNBC, Elizabeth assembled a team of grammar specialists to produce a new publication entitled PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar. PROMOTE YOURSELF is designed to help everyone improve their grammar usage. It benefits students in the preparation of essays and reports, parents who want to help their children with homework and those in the business world.

A woman of many interests and abilities, Elizabeth now has some new accomplishments to add to her record of achievement, this time in the field of housing. After years of litigation, the Federal Court has finally authorized the construction of Yonkers Green, an affordable home-ownership housing development which has been sponsored by St. Joseph’s Church. Elizabeth is the co-developer of these much-needed additional homes.

Elizabeth was graduated from Regis College with a major in History. She has continued her study in this discipline through reading and research and is now President of the Crestwood Historical Society and a Trustee of the Yonkers Historical Society. She extends a warm welcome to anyone who loves local history, wants to learn about the great city in which they live, and would like to meet interesting people.

An avid skier and swimmer, Elizabeth has also been a volunteer lifeguard. Certified by the Yonkers Y, she has given her services as a lifeguard for the past ten summers. She shares her passion for swimming with children and, for more than two decades, has taught countless youngsters the joy of swimming.

Each year, the Business Professional Award is presented to a woman who has not only achieved her business goals, but has served as a mentor encouraging others to reach for their goals. As evidence of this, Elizabeth volunteers on the Advisory Committee at the Elm Street After School Program, helping young people reach success in the future by making good choices in the present. In addition, she has mentored a number of professionals, both men and women, empowering them to reach beyond their current status and achieve higher levels of success in their respective professions. All this is done, not as part of her professional responsibilities, but rather through the friendships she develops as she quietly goes about her everyday life.

The Journal News
April 2000
READY OR NOT, Here Comes Retirement
Carolyn Weiner

So, you’re sitting at your desk, papers piling up, deadlines approaching, phones ringing, stress building. You sigh heavily, close your eyes, and dream of sitting forever on a sunny beach in Florida.


“Retirement should not be an emotional response to a bad day,” says Elizabeth McFadden, editor and publisher of READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide. “Retirement should be part of your whole life’s planning. The sooner you start planning, the better you are.”

McFadden is President of the MEI Publishing Inc. in the Riverdale section of The Bronx. READY OR NOT was originally created by her father, Jim McFadden, who developed educational and training programs for working Americans. Jim McFadden was New York City commissioner of labor under former mayor Robert Wagner in the 1960’s.

The 124-page soft-cover book is reprinted each year to keep up with changes in Social Security and Medicare.

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide, which sold more than 70,000 copies last year, is geared toward those planning to retire voluntarily. But downsizing and corporate mergers have younger people thinking about their future as well.

Reader friendly, the book covers financial planning, Social Security, legal matters, consumer education, health insurance, housing, earning money, volunteering, leisure time and family issues.

The book offers some common sense advice:

  • Think before relocating. That sunny Florida beach may be appealing from a distance, but will you miss your grandchildren? Would an assisted-living facility meet your needs?
  • Scam artists often target the elderly. Never give your Social Security or credit card numbers to telephone solicitors.
  • Walk every day. Maintain a network of friends and family. Have a project you’re interested in.

“The key to successful retirement is to make retirement more enjoyable than a job,” said Elizabeth McFadden.

Turning Pages
March 1997
 A Plan For Your Future

Prepare for the challenges of your later years. It’s easy with READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide. This acclaimed book (updated yearly) has offered practical financial planning insights, exploring such subjects as housing, leisure, legal, health matters, Social Security and more. The 15 fact-filled chapters are written in a friendly, informative manner. It is a resource to refer to again and again.

The vast majority of Americans don’t plan for retirement until just before they stop working. Planning eases the transition between work and retirement, facilitating the psychological, social and financial adjustments to be faced.

The extensive use of worksheets involves the reader directly and actively in addressing each issue, from financial planning to grandparenting. This hands-on approach results in an individual profile, a status report that identifies problems and opportunities.

Equally important is the hotline information, listing many toll free numbers to call for support about some of the issues affecting retirees. Points of emphasis are boxed and highlighted throughout the book.

In addition to providing the usual information a worker needs, READY OR NOT’s chapter on Social Security highlights critical areas. For example, the danger in losing disability insured status by workers who leave the job market before age 56; the options available for widows and widowers at age 62, full retirement age and age 70; and the best time to contact Social Security for individuals still employed after age 62.

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide fills an important niche for the retirees and those soon-to-retire, and is perhaps a more important planning tool for young people beginning their careers. It can help you determine whether you’re prepared to retire, and show you how advance preparation will enable you to cope successfully with problems that may arise. This is a book that’s sure to help you make your retirement years the most rewarding time of your life.

Vantage Point
July-August 1996

READY OR NOT, Your Retirement Planning Guide, edited by Elizabeth McFadden, is a handy resource for the retired, the soon-to-be retired, and even those for whom retirement is still a far-off dream. Its many worksheets create a retirement plan tailored just for you, and the book is full of up-to-date information on such subjects as Social Security, earning money, leisure, health, and many other matters of importance to those of retirement age.