PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar


Find Key to Success: It’s Grammar
Riverdale Press

PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar started over lunch between James J. McFadden and Theodore Kheel, a close friend and fellow Riverdalian. They were discussing education when, as usual, Mr. McFadden became inspired.

With so many jobs relying upon workers’ communication skills these days, he reasoned, and with educational standards leaving so much to be desired, there is one subject that needs improvement across the board: grammar.

And he was off.

Mr. McFadden assembled an all-star team including Mr. Kheel’s Workforce Distance Learning Foundation, and Verizon and WNBC got on board. Moonlighters from publishing houses and schools were hired, and Mr. McFadden and his daughter Elizabeth buried themselves in grammar books.

After about six months of 24-7 work, most of which was done by Elizabeth McFadden, her father says, the book was released.

The book in booklet form is divided into 26 concise chapters, beginning with parts of speech, moving on to parts of the sentence and concluding with five chapters on writing. Each chapter includes practice questions, and there is advice on writing a proper business letter and avoiding common mistakes in usage.

PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar attracted immediate interest from educational institutions, including St. John’s University, which snapped it up for use in remedial freshman English classes, and the City University of New York, which will use the book in its tutoring programs.

The book is not just for students, however. It’s for anyone whose grammar needs touching up: businessmen, teachers, lawyers, and administrative assistants — all people who must express themselves clearly to make a living.